Cash Pool

Free up working capital

We offset over 30 different currencies and over 100 countries, resulting in a total consolidated cash position

Cash Pool concentrates your company’s available cash and borrowing needs. You can centralize all credit and debit balances of the subsidiaries whenever you want. Cash Pool provides insight into your global cash positions and enables you to manage them in one daily transaction.

  • No need to close local bank accounts
  • Do without inter-company loans
  • No foreign exchange and swap transactions
  • Substantial improvement of interest results

How Cash Pool works

Centralize liquidity

Cash Pool centralizes all cash surplus and deficit positions of subsidiaries, and then offsets credit and debit balances on a multiple currency basis without converting currencies.

Real-time reporting

Real-time reporting of all positions allows you to make a single money market investment or borrowing in a single currency. We use our long-term experience and deep knowledge of cash pooling to customize our tool to meet your needs.

One platform supporting all services

Screenshot of Megabank dashboard

Megabank is our electronic banking system. A secure online platform that is designed, customized and maintained to accommodate your requirements. Megabank supports all your cash pool, netting, sweeping, payment and reporting processes. It also features a self-service portal to manage companies, users, accounts, contracts and KYC reviews.

  • Continuous updates to stay on top of regulations and security
  • Ongoing improvements to meet your needs
  • SWIFT, EBICS and host-to-host connectivity
  • Clear audit trails