Reduce administrative workload

Netting standardizes and simplifies the settlement of inter-company and third-party invoices, bringing them together at a single point. Just one single settlement will cover all payments due. This results in a vast reduction of administrative workload, and greatly improves the overall cost ratio.

Many invoices - just a few settlements

Netting is a smart payment and information system that centrally settles inter-company and third-party invoices. It decreases the workload and cuts the overall cost. Netting reduces multiple cash flows to just one single settlement in the required currency for each of the subsidiaries.


Netting organizes and simplifies the settlement of invoices on a monthly basis. You gain tighter control and increased transparency of inter-company and third-party settlements.

  • Standardized settlement process
  • Less administrative workload
  • Clear audit trails
  • Lower transfer fees, competitive cut-off times and value dating, less foreign exchange costs